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Community Investment Projects

UpdatedWednesday August 16, 2017 byTim Dodge.


The ESP Recreation Council is launching its Community Investment Initiative called 'ONECommunity'. It is where we solicit your ideas, big and small, on projects for the betterment of the Edgemere Communities. Once submissions are received, we will determine which projects we can support through to fulfillment. A dogpark? Ga-Ga ball pit? Planting trees? An Eagle Scout project? Anyone of any age can submit their idea that helps make our community just a little nicer, safer, and more fun.... Here are the details:

HOW DOES IT WORK? ESP Recreation Council will solicit creative ideas (via Project Application below) from community members on potential Community Improvement Projects.

Project ideas should serve one or more of the following:
(1) Youth activity opportunities
(2) Community Aesthetics
(3) Community Safety

PROJECT SELECTION: The ESP Recreation Council will review all applications and determine which project(s) will be sponsored for the 2018 year. Project selection will be based on the feasibility and funding outlook of the project.

PROJECT FUNDING: Funding the community projects will be via partnerships (or combination) between the community, local organizations, schools and the ESP Recreation Council. The ESP Recreation Council will create an online donation system to where the community can voluntarily support these projects financially. ESP will determine the project funding percentages (ie 50% ESP/50% community – adjustable).

PROJECT FULFILLMENT: Each project will have a Project Champion. With the assistance, guidance and resources of the ESP Rec-Council, the Project Champion will spearhead the project efforts. The Project Champion can be the person who submitted the idea, or someone willing/approved to serve the role.

WHO CAN SUBMIT A PROJECT IDEA? Anyone. Old, young, short, tall.... we can't wait to hear your ideas! It's a great opportunity for citizens to insert their ideas for the community they want to live in!

HOW DO I SUBMIT AN IDEA? Click and print out the form below and submit it to Tim (contact below) or just email Tim with the information requested on the form.

QUESTIONS: Contact Tim (


ONECommunity Project Application