Summer Playground

Sponsored by Baltimore County Rec & Parks

UpdatedTuesday April 19, 2016 byTim Dodge.

Program Chairperson:  Baltimore County Rec & Parks (Call Rec Office - 410-887-7529)

Season:  July

Description:  Children participate in small group and whole group activities throughout the day under the guidance of trained staff members.  Camp staff encourage and motivate the children to meet new friends, explore arts and crafts materials, work independently and as interest to the children.  A full lunch is provided each day unless noted in advance.  The camp welcomes visitors throughout the summer including magicians, unicyclists and musicians.  Some of the most popular themed days in the past have included: Baking Day, Water Day, Field Trip to Edgemere Bowl Day, Pirate Day, Birthday Party Day, Cowboys and Cowgirls Day, Fort Howard Park Day and Safari Day.

*Pizza is provided every Thursday and campers need to pack a lunch every other day