ESP Christmas Care


UpdatedMonday November 5, 2018 byTim Dodge.

Program Chairperson:  Tim Dodge (

Season:  Christmas Season

Families Adopted:

2010: 4

2011: 11

2012: 9

2013: 12

2014:  10

2015:  17

2016:  8

2017:  12


Description:  Welcome to the Community Christmas Care webpage!  In 2010, the ESP Rec-Council created this program, in cooperation with Edgemere and Chesapeake Terrace Elementary Schools, to support local families in need during the holiday season.  In addition to various ESP Programs who have volunteered to Adopt families during the holiday season, this program is also open to organizations and individual families looking to share their Christmas Spirit with those in need. 

Here is how it works... our local elementary school guidance counselors send us the names and family information of those in need at their respective schools.  They also send us a wish list of gift items for the kids.  Families, programs or organizations who chose to adopt a family(ies) typically provide something along the lines of:

- Toys/Gifts for the kids (priority)

- Clothing for the kids (priority)

- Food and household items for the parent(s)

- Gift cards- and sometimes gift items for the parents themselves.

The school guidance counselor also asks each family being adopted if it is okay to contact them directly.  If so, upon contacting them, adopting families can deliver their wrapped gifts to them directly. Otherwise, they can drop them off at the school.  Either way, YOU are making a HUGE difference in the lives of children!  We are all in this together as a community... THANK YOU for your consideration!  If you are interested in adopting a family or just want more information, contact the Program Chairperson.

"we had a great time shopping and can't wait to deliver the gifts, I feel blessed just to be able to do this." -Linda

"I have already spoke with the Mom to confirm all of the info and we are meeting on Christmas Eve Eve to get her the gifts so she can put them under the tree for her family. We are also going to get a food basket.  She is very dear and this has been a joy for our family.  We traditionally do generic gifts to organizations but this has been more personal for us" -Lisa