ESP Coaching Requirements

Updated Monday July 2, 2018 by Tim Dodge.

Welcome ESP coaches!  We greatly appreciate your volunteer services to help support our programs and the kids of our communities.  Please take some time to fulfill the following requirements for coaching with the ESP Recreation Council.  Thank you!

(1) Baltimore County Background Screening - Use code: BCGRec18 - Takes about 3 minutes. This is a County requirement of all volunteers who will interact with kids.  When approved, your name will be added to a County list of approved coaches.  Your approval is good for one sports season.  Coaches need to submit to this screening once for each season (ie fall, winter, spring) if they are coaching.

(2) CDC Concussion Training - Takes about 25 minutes.  Upon completing the online course, coaches are to submit their class certificate to their respective Program Chair.  Your certification is good for one year (1) in the ESP Recreation Council.