Travel Girls Lacrosse

UpdatedWednesday March 23, 2022 byTim Dodge.

Program Contact:  Tim Dodge (

Program Facebook:  Viper Nation

Participants:  Girls, ages 3-14

Season:  Spring

Description:  The ESP Viper/Lady Viper lacrosse program was founded 25 years ago!. Today, the program supports over 350 players (of all skill levels) ranging from ages 3-14. Over the past decade, our program has developed dozens of former Vipers/Lady Vipers who, not only have helped their local high school teams to Championships, but who are participating at the collegiate level as well. Learning this fast and exciting sport is a great experience for any child looking for new challenges. We offer these experiences while providing a fun, safe and educational environment. So take that first big step in learning the "FASTEST GAME ON TWO FEET"  Get involved today!

LV Tyker C 2022 Schedule.docx
LV Tyker B 2022 Schedule.docx
LV Lightning B 2022 Schedule.docx
LV Middies C 2022 Schedule.docx
LV Junior B 2022 Schedule.docx
MYLA (Girls) FINAL Schedule 2022.xlsx
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